Pascal thefreesurfer taking a wave at Mawi in Lombok

To the West (up to 30′ drive)

If you are more advanced and/or more adventurous, Lombok has yet more to offer, including a world class surf spot.

  • Are Guling: (mostly wet season, November-May): a beautiful right reef break, with an option of a hollow left for more advanced surfers. Best at mid-tide but works at all tides.
  • Mawi: (best from May to October): a left that works ideally when the swell direction is from the southwest. Take care of rocks in the lineup.
  • Desert Point (Bangko Bangko) (dry season, May-November): a world-famous barreling left, works best during low tide and a SSW ground swell. Only for advanced surfers, as it is in shallow waters and has rip currents.

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Photo courtesy of our guest, Pascal: